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1. The 87th National Day of Romania
2. Thai King's Birthday
3. National Days of Japan and Laos
4. National Days of Finland and Kazakhstan
From left: German Ambassador Michael Geier; Dorian F. Prince, head of the delegation of the European Union; Finnish Ambassador Kim Luotonen; Rep. Suh Jae-kwan; El Salvador Ambassador Alfredo F. Ungo, dean of the Seoul Diplomatic Corps, and Guatemalan Ambassador Rafael A. Salazar, at a reception to celebrate the 88th Independence Day of Finland, at Millennium Hilton Hotel on Dec. 8.
From left: Iranian Ambassador Jahanbaksh Mozaffari, Egyptian Ambassador Reda El-Taify and Brunei Ambassador Dato Haji Harun Ismail.
From left: Israeli Ambassador Yigal Baruch Caspi, Amb. Ungo and Amb. El-Taify.
From left: Panamanian Ambassador Daniel Abrego Echeverria, Amb. Salazar and Colombian Ambassador Jorge Enrique Mora Rangel.
From left: Shin Hyun-taek, vice minister of Gender Equality and Family; Mrs. Zhanar E. Kanagatova, wife of the Kazakh ambassador, and Kazakh Ambassador Darkhan Berdaliyev, at a reception to celebrate 14th Anniversary of the Independence of Kazakhstan, at Grand Hilton Hotel on Dec. 16.
Russian Ambassador Gleb A. Ivashentsov (left) with U.S. Ambassador Alexander Vershbow.
From left: Israeli Ambassador Yigal Baruch Caspi, Colombian Ambassador Jorge Enrique Mora Rangel and Venezuelan Ambassador Guillermo Quintero.
From left: Egyptian Ambassador Reda El-Taify, Tunisian Ambassador Moncef Baati and Vice Minister Shin.