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In Order to Achieve a Well-Balanced Cooperation:
Official ties between Thailand and the Republic of Korea can only be dated back to 47 years ago. Prior to that, substantive and close contacts had already been established between both sides. Since then, smooth relations have been maintained and strengthened. At present, both countries have concluded 21 agreements as tools for the promotion of their relations. In this article, only some major aspects of our bilateral relations are elaborated.
Many Korean people might first know about Thailand when Thailand dispatched soldiers to join the United Nations Command Force during the Korean...
The "Pearl of the Middle East":
The Republic of Lebanon, with a total area of 10,452k and 3.9 million of population, is situated in the Levant on the easternmost part of the Mediterranean Sea in Southwest Asia. Lebanon's coastal location, high mountain backbone, and a Mediterranean climate have greatly influenced the country's history, peoples, and economy. Visitors can count on 300 sunny days every year, and the highest peaks covered with snow four months a year allow winter sports in six ski resorts. In the spring, it is possible to ski in the mountains and swim in the Mediterranean sea on the same day.
Lebanon w...
Since the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations in 1973:
The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Finland were established in 1973. Since 1985, Finland has had a full diplomatic representation in Seoul. The relationship between the two countries has traditionally been excellent.
In terms of political relations, the two countries have not experienced any difficulties and vice versa, and we have supported each other in many international fora and international organizations. Finland has given its full support to South Korea in its efforts to maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
Recently, ...
Thanks to the Efforts Made by Both Sides:
The United Arab Emirates has maintained diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea since 1980. These relations have witnessed progress year by year until they became distinguished ones thanks to the efforts made by both sides. From our side, we are also keen on making utmost efforts toward promoting these relations and enhancing the mechanisms needed to this end while diversifying all the fields that serve the interests of the two friendly nations and their people.
The UAE managed to accomplish huge achievements in different fields over the last three decades under the wise lead...