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National Day
Thanks to the Efforts Made by Both Sides:
"The UAE and ROK Have Witnessed Progress Year-by-Year Until They Became Distinguished Ones"
The United Arab Emirates has maintained diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea since 1980. These relations have witnessed progress year by year until they became distinguished ones thanks to the efforts made by both sides. From our side, we are also keen on making utmost efforts toward promoting these relations and enhancing the mechanisms needed to this end while diversifying all the fields that serve the interests of the two friendly nations and their people.
The UAE managed to accomplish huge achievements in different fields over the last three decades under the wise leadership of His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the late President of the UAE, who is also the founder of the country. In a very short time, the UAE progressed into a model for any modernized country to follow.
The country also has achieved much in terms of its economic and social development over the course of last year since His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan took office of the Presidency. This process is being enhanced by reforms of government institutions aimed at improving transparency and efficiency and playing an increasingly active role in international affairs.
Economically, the UAE follows the policy of diversifying its income resources. Although, oil and natural gas are the main products of the country, the UAE does not rely merely on black gold and its products, such as petrochemicals. Investments in non-oil sectors and other services also play a significant role in the country's economic development.
The UAE also benefits a lot from its transit trade and re-exporting system and free zones, mainly in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, utilized for the distribution of products and goods to nations in the Gulf region, east Africa and the Indian subcontinent. This can best explain the reason why major Korean companies such as Hyundai, Daewoo, Samsung and LG have established branch offices in the UAE.
In the future, the country is promised with prosperity and new phases of growth and development thanks to the wise policies of the President based on the openness and strengthening of relations with all nations around the world at the foreign level, and maintaining freedom and dignity for citizens and assuring security and stability for them and for foreign nationals residing in the country at the national level.
These are coupled with diversifying sources of income by building industrial and economic projects and the establishment of vital infrastructures necessary for people such as hospitals, clinics and health centers, schools and universities and setting up of residential towns, construction of roads, bridges and tunnels, provision of services such as water, electricity and communications, and extending the green area.
In order to promote economic relations between the UAE and Korea, the embassy is pushing for opening a commercial section to be responsible for making information and data on investment opportunities in the UAE available to Korean businessmen and firms.

If we can take a close look at the tourism industry, we notice that during the past three decades the UAE as a whole has turned into a major travel and tourist destination taking advantage of many factors. These include its strategic geographical location, the availability of excellent shopping centers and top-class accommodation and the feeling of security and tranquility provided to visitors.
The UAE also provides services and recreational facilities for all tourists. It presents tourism attractions of its heritages, culture, and traditional and unique sports of boat, camel and horse racing, pearl diving, and falconry. And not like some other places around the world, tourists coming to UAE from cold regions can also enjoy being exposed to the sun during winter.
Of course, the main tourist destinations can be found in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as the major Emirates in the country. They feature huge regional and world exhibitions and conferences held around the year and modern sporting facilities including golf resorts, among others.
The capital Abu Dhabi is characterized by its tourism especially centering on business meetings and congresses and exhibitions. It is also famous for its huge shopping centers, beaches, cornices, resorts and the world's most luxurious hotels such as the seven-star Emirates Palace Hotel, which is considered a tourist spot because of its eastern and western architectural finishing.
Dubai is featured by its major tourist attractions including Burj Al Arab, a sevenstar hotel, the Palm and World Islands, the Dubai Ice City opened recently for those who love skiing and Dubai Land, and an entertainment complex under development which is projected to attract some 15 million tourists by 2010.
Tourist attractions are found in all other parts of the country, taking advantage of the effect of Abu Dhabi and Dubai as the main places for investment since their free zones attract visitors from all over the world.
In the Sharjah Emirate, tourists' looking for cultural themes can find their way. Sharjah is involved in promoting tourism in culture and heritage and reconstructing its old central district into a heritage and arts area with museums, a theatre, a handicrafts market and architectural monuments representing the uniqueness of the region.
For those who are searching for historical sites, natural landscapes, ecology, medicine and sports, the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah promises them this, with its projects being under development. Likewise, the Emirate of Fujairah also is developing and expanding its tourism potentials benefiting from the diving and mountain landscape. In addition, the fivestar Le Meridian Beach Resort has just opened in this Emirate for domestic and international tourists and is successfully operating.
To make it easier for Korean tourists thinking about visiting UAE, there are daily non-stop air flights from Seoul to UAE by Emirates Airlines, the UAE's first national carrier. Korean citizens are not asked to arrange for any visiting visas to enter the UAE for business or tourism. The embassy plans to hold some cultural events in Korea as part of streng-thening and promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries. It also plans to promote tourist destinations for those who like to visit the country for sightseeing, shopping or holidays through the commercial section which will be open in the future, besides its main duty of providing information on investment to businessmen and firms.