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"Natural Disasters and Global Responsibility":
The following are excerpts from a paper, "Natural Disasters and Global Responsibility," made in a keynote address by Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of the Republic of Indonesia, at the APEC CEO Summit Busan, South Korea, on Nov. 17, 2005. - Ed.

Mother nature is the source of our livelihood, our precious home, humanity's greatest asset. But mother nature can also unleash, in so many ways and means, the most destructive and deadly force known to man. This year, mother nature has been particularly deadly to humanity.
In the past 11 months, mother nature has killed...
Indonesia's Independent and Active Foreign Policy:
Indonesia's foreign policy, like that of any other country, is shaped by various factors such as the nation's history, geographic conditions, demography, security and national interest. These factors prompted Indonesia to adopt a foreign policy that is independent and active, as espoused in 1948 by Mohammad Hatta, then Indonesia's Vice President.
Indonesia's independent and active foreign policy is not about being neutral or taking equidistant positions on international issues, nor is it a policy of neglecting or ignoring developments in world affairs.
The word independent means that Ind...
As the Greatest Home of Bio-Diversity:
Consisting of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is acclaimed as the biggest archipelagic country in the globe.
With more than 220 million people, not less than 300 ethnic groups speaking more than 350 different languages, this beautiful country receives many praises and labels.
For travelers, Indonesia is the most amazing group of islands to discover. For biologists, Indonesia is the greatest home of bio-diversity. In short, Indonesia is a gorgeous storehouse of historical marvels; distinct cultures; places of sights;
as well as diverse sounds and natural wonders. For that re...
The Prospect of Relations Between Indonesia and Korea:
With 60 years of experience living in the global community as free nations, Indonesia and Korea have achieved much. Both countries have made their voices heard, as they are at the same level with other countries while still preserving their own unique cultures. The peoples of the two countries are in good spirits and standing tall.
Indonesia itself just entered a new chapter of democratic life. Last year, Indonesia had three successful general elections for the first time in its political history. It thus has made Indonesia known now as the third biggest democratic country in the wor...