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"To Play Important Role In Connecting People and Also to the World Peace"
I am sure he will continue to act his important role in Korea's political area. We have witnessed that DIPLOMACY magazine has contributed volley in diplomatic field and informed its readers about political, economical, cultural and social issues of the world. It has also played an important role in connecting people and also to world peace. It has enhanced Korea's image and status in the international arena. In comparison to other publications, this magazine has more access to the heads of states and has found many readers among them.
Amb. Nabil Malek-Asghar
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

"Proved to Be a Well-Informed And Lucid Observer While Always Remaining a True Believer In the Values of Peace"
During the last three decades in which so many momentous events have unfolded at an unprecedented pace, Dr. Thok-kyu Limb, at the helm of DIPLOMACY magazine has always proved to be a well informed and lucid observer while always remaining a true believer in the values of peace, dialogue and concord between nations and peoples, not only in North East Asia, but in the world at large. He is tirelessly building bridges of friendship between Korea and the rest of the world.
I am appreciative of his useful insights into Korean positions and policies and his wide ranging coverage and in depth analysis of bilateral relations as well as global issues of common concern to the community of nations.
Amb. Rabah Hadid
People's Democratic Republic Algeria

"Look Forward to the Continued High Quality Coverage"
DIPLOMACY magazine has contributed a great deal in promoting understanding and goodwill among the countries of the world. I look forward to the continued high quality coverage of the magazine and I wish DIPLOMACY all the best in its future efforts.
Amb. Rodolfo I. Rodriguez
Argentine Republic

"A Window on the Local and Int'l Diplomatic Scene"
DIPLOMACY magazine appeared the same year that I first arrived in Korea, and ever since has acted as a window on the local and international diplomatic scene. A particular highlight for me was the excellent coverage it gave to President Roh Moo-hyuns State Visit to the UK last December. I wish DIPLOMACY magazine, its management and all its staff every success for the future.
Amb. Warwick Morris
The British Embassy

"A Bridge for Friendship and Better Mutual Understanding"
Please rest assured of the usefulness of your endeavor for the diplomatic community in Korea. Not only does DIPLOMACYprovide us with a precious source of information and analysis on the current situation in Korea and North East Asia, but it also generously presents opportunities to foreign statesmen and diplomats to share views on important world issues as well as on their countries’ experiences and development thus serving as a bridge for friendship and better mutual understanding.
Known for its lack of complacency, I am confident that your devotion to the noble cause DIPLOMACY is serving and the professionalism of the staff will bring about even better results.
Amb. Alexander Savov
The Republic of Bulgaria

"DIPLOMACY Has Proven The Skeptics Wrong and Accomplished What Most Was Impossible"
There are few magazines that can boast of the success you have achieved over the years. A great deal of that success, in our opinion, must be directly attributed to your strong leadership and the sense of direction that you provide. DIPLOMACY has proven the skeptics wrong and accomplished what most said was impossible. I know that with DIPLOMACY's expertise and enthusiasm the magazine will continuously make an impression in the industry.
There is no doubt that your recent achievements will be spoken of for some time to come and that the admiration for your accomplishments is felt by all of us, as well as the general public.
Amb. Lim Samkol
The Royal Embassy of Cambodia

"To Introduce Korea to the World And the World to Korea"
Since the first edition of DIPLOMACY appeared in 1975, the Republic of Korea has emerged onto the world stage as a vibrant democracy and dynamic economy, now the world's 11th largest. Korea has progressively sought a more internationalist role, as witnessed by its overseas military deployments, its central role in the Six - Party Talks, and its aggressive pursuit of free trade agreements, including with Canada. I am pleased that DIPLOMACY magazine continues to introduce Korea to the world and the world to Korea.
As host to the 2005 APEC Economic Leaders Meeting November 18-19, Korea will soon be the focus of the world’s attention. I am confident that DIPLOMACY magazine will once again be there to interpret these important events for its Korean and foreign readers.
Amb. Marius R. Grinius

"Appreciated for Your Continuing Support of Friendship, Peace and Dev't in the World "
On the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of DIPLOMACY magazine, I would like to extend, on behalf of the Embassy of Chile and myself, the warmest congratulations to you. Also, I would like to express my appreciation for your continuing support of friendship, peace and development in the world.
Amb. Adolfo Carafi
The Republic of Chile

"A Must-Read Magazine for The importance of Its Articles, Specialty in And Contribution to Int'l Relations"
Over the years, there have been many people and transcendental events that have been published in its issues, and governments and diplomatic missions all over the world have recognized its importance. DIPLOMACY's 30th anniversary gives one the opportunity to express the wish for the continuation of this journalistic work and the diplomatic relations characterized by its professionalism and seriousness.
DIPLOMACY is a must-read magazine for the importance of its articles, its specialty in and contribution to international relations.
Amb. Jorge Enrique Mora Rangel
The Republic of Colombia

"To Be a Great Contribution To Accomplish Its Goals"
Among other outstanding characteristics of DIPLOMACY, I want to remark the pioneer spirit of DIPLOMACY in being a specialized magazine in foreign relations within diverse fields such as politics, economy, society and culture, among others. I wish DIPLOMACY all success in its future endeavors. I am sure that the maturity and experience gained through hard work, during all these years, will be a great contribution to accomplish its goals.
Amb. Alfredo F. Ungo
The Republic of El Salvador

"DIPLOMACY Has Dedicated Person's Contributing to Develop Good Relations Among Nations and Peoples"
DIPLOMACY has dedicated person's contributing to develop good relations among nations and peoples. Without being pessimistic, these past 30 years have not always been as each one of us had wished them to be. During that period, we all experienced, either at home or abroad, situations such as human right violations, epidemics, natural disasters, terrorism, intolerance and wars. We also witnessed the German unification, gatherings such as the "2002 World Cup" (so well organized by the Korean government) and the brilliant success of the Chinese "Taikonauts".
All these events form our world, which you have the challenging duty to report, in the monthly articles of your magazine. And I am pleased to say that you fulfilled it very well. The new millennium we are in, comes with various other issues such as development of nations, elimination of poverty by 2015, clear and safe environment, bio and nanotechnology and so forth.
Amb. Honorat E. Abeni Koffi
The Republic of Cote d'Ivoire

"To Promote Int'l Understanding And Goodwill for Many Yrs."
The record of articles published, countries introduced and world leaders interviewed since the magazine's inception until today is truly remarkable. wish you to continue publishing DIPLOMACY with the same vigor and firm will to promote international understanding and goodwill for many years to come.
Amb. Tomas Smetanka
The Czech Republic

"To Be a Effective Media and Capable Individual's Promoting Friendship and Solidarity"
Effectively bringing together the Korean people and the international community, recognizing the importance in today's society of effective media and capable individuals promoting friendship and solidarity, we hope the wishes to DIPLOMACY magazine, staff and collaborators; in the person of its Chairman Dr. Thok-Kyu Limb. Blessing of many more years of success, we hope for your achievements and progress.
Amb. Hector Galvan
The Dominican Republic

"The Splendid Role of DIPLOMACY In Promoting Understanding and Goodwill Among the Different People"
The celebration of both our countries of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the full diplomatic relations, it gives me great pleasure to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you and the staff of DIPLOMACY magazine as well as its distinguished readers. I would also like to seize this opportunity to express my appreciation for the splendid role of DIPLOMACY magazine in promoting understanding and goodwill among the different people of the world.
Amb. Reda EI-Taify
The Arab Republic of Egypt

"To Continue in Its Efforts To Improve Mutual Understanding Between Different Nationalities"
The DIPLOMACY's prime purpose to promote understanding and goodwill among people of different nationalities strikes a chord. The process of European integration has allowed Europeans to get to know and understand each other through frequent interaction and cooperation. I trust that DIPLOMACY will continue in its efforts to improve mutual understanding between different nationalities, an essential aspect of building peace and prosperity.
Amb. Dorian Prince
The European Commission in Seoul

"To Continue in Its Efforts To Improve Mutual Understanding Between Different Nationalities"
The DIPLOMACY's prime purpose to promote understanding and goodwill among people of different nationalities strikes a chord. The process of European integration has allowed Europeans to get to know and understand each other through frequent interaction and cooperation. I trust that DIPLOMACY will continue in its efforts to improve mutual understanding between different nationalities, an essential aspect of building peace and prosperity.
Amb. Dorian Prince
The European Commission in Seoul

"Aware Its Active Efforts In Order to Promote Mutual Understanding Among The Different People"
Being aware of its so active efforts in order to promote mutual understanding among the different people of all over the world, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate DIPLOMACY's so deep and constant interest in the friendly relations which so happily exist between the Gabonese people and those of the Republic of Korea. Once again let me express my heartfelt congratulations and my best wishes to DIPLOMACY as well as to the worldwide DIPLOMACY family!
Amb. Emmanuel Issoze-Ngondet
The Gabonese Republic

"Contributes to the Noble Goal of Mutual Understanding and Peace Between the People"

For three decades, DIPLOMACY has provided government agencies, the diplomatic community and business people in Korea and abroad with valuable and up to date information about Korea's foreign relations in the political, economic, social and cultural fields. DIPLOMACY contributes to the noble goal of mutual understanding and peace between the people.
Korea reaches out to the world. During the "Frankfurt Book Fair 2005 Korea" as the guest of honor shared her culture in many different ways with visitors and the German and European people. The impressive Korean contribution, inaugurated by Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan, left deep and lasting impressions with the German media and public. We thank Korea for this great cultural and financial effort.
Amb. Michael Geier
The Federal Republic of Germany

"To Continue Promoting Understanding and Good-Will In Every Field"

We encourage DIPLOMACY magazine to continue promoting understanding and good will in every field as a contribution to world peace. Thanks DIPLOMACY for allowing us to enjoy of a really professional magazine.
Amb. Rene Francisco Umana Chinchilla
The Republic of Honduras

"A Very Important Role For the Korean-Hungarian Relationship"
Sixteen years ago, a new era began in the Korean-Hungarian relationship. During those years that have passed since the memorable date of February 1, 1989, our two countries have managed as a result of joint efforts to establish a mutually beneficial system of bilateral relations in each and every sphere of life. In this process, the media and especially the DIPLOMACY magazine have had a very important role.
During the mutual high level visits the magazine was always cooperative and gave us a helping hand due to the special editions which were published on the occasion of the visit of Arpad Goncz, the former President of Hungary, and Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany in last March let alone all the special reports with the representatives of the Hungarian political sphere.
Amb. Istvan Torzsa
The Republic of Hungary

"Contributed Greatly To Understanding and Promoting Political, Social and Cultural Aspects of Foreign Relations"
During these 30 years. Dr. Thok-kyu Limb, Chairman, has succeeded in bringing the world to Korea and Korea to the world through DIPLOMACY magazine. The magazine has contributed greatly to understanding and promoting political, social and cultural aspects of foreign relations. I particularly appreciate the attention devoted to India in various issues of DIPLOMACY.
Amb. N. Parthasarathi

"In Order to Make an Effort To Promote Political, Economic And Cultural Relations Between the Countries"
DIPLOMACY is one of my favorites among English publications here in Seoul because by reading DIPLOMACY I get the fullest possible details of all issues and events specially in the diplomatic field. This is an attractive magazine which covers almost all issues through the interviews with political leaders of the world and their representatives here in Seoul. It also covers economic and cultural events in order to make an effort to promote political, economic and cultural relations between the countries and introduce the opportunities for further enhancement of these relations.
Amb. Jahanbakhsh Mozaffari
The Islamic Republic of Iran

"The Significant Role of Bridge-Linking All the Component Of Korean Society With The Diplomatic Corps"
Indeed, DIPLOMACY is a well-known international monthly magazine that plays the significant role of bridge-linking all the components of Korean society, especially, government officials and businessmen with the diplomatic corps accredited to Korea and enables a sincere and fruitful dialogue and exchange between the two parties.
I am confident that thanks to the close and continued collaboration between DIPLOMACY and the Moroccan Embassy in Seoul, the relations of friendship and cooperation that so happily exist between Morocco and Korea will be further strengthened for the benefit of the peoples of the two friendly countries.
Amb. Jaafar Alj Hakim
The Kingdom of Morocco

"Covered to Date Highlights The Growing Complexity Of the World"
The wide range of subjects DIPLOMACY magazine has covered to date highlights the growing complexity of the world in which we live and the rapid expansion of foreign policy to encompass an increasingly diverse web of issues. I wish you and DIPLOMACY magazine continued success in the years ahead.
Amb. David Taylor
New Zealand

"These Accomplishments, Attributable to Faithful And Dedicated Service To Its Readers"
For 30 years, DIPLOMACY magazine has sustained high standards in editorial contents, incisive interviews and detailed presentation of news and information which have become a hallmark that has ensured its continued presence in 190 countries around the world. Indeed, these accomplishments, attributable to faithful and dedicated service to its readers, have enabled it to link the diplomatic community in Korea to the host country and the wider world audience.
I earnestly wish DIPLOMACY magazine many more years of resounding successes in its endeavors as a medium dedicated to the promotion of international friendship and world peace.
Amb. Abba Abdullahi Tijjani
The Federal Republic of Nigeria

"To Increase Knowledge and Understanding About Other People and Cultures"
In a globalized world, a magazine as DIPLOMACY can bridge the gap between people from every corner of the world. Through its articles and interviews the magazine can be helpful to increase knowledge and understanding about other people and cultures. An example is the elaborate information presented about Norway when our former Prime Minister visited in January 2002.
Amb. Arild Braastad
The Royal Norwegian Embassy

"An Important Source of Information Due to The Objective Way on Its Reports"
Since my arrival in Seoul, I have taken this prestigious DIPLOMACY monthly magazine as an important source of information due to the objective way on which it reports about what goes on in Korea and around the world. For this reason and for all the support that the DIPLOMACY's staff had provided my Mission in this country, I express my sincere gratitude and wish them all the success for the future.
Amb. Federico A. Gonzalez
The Republic of Paraguay

"A Very Informative Covering Broad Political and Economic Issues"
On the occasion of 30th anniversary for DIPLOMACY, I am pleased to express my sincere congratulations and best wishes to the renowned monthly magazine, its publisher and editors. Since my arrival to the Republic of Korea year ago, I have found DIPLOMACY magazine very informative covering broad political and economic issues, and promoting understanding among all people.
Amb. Moosa Hamdan Al Taee
The Sultanate of Oman

"An Important Professional Media In Further Dev't of Active and Comprehensive Cooperation Between Poland and S. Korea"
DIPLOMACY is a well known magazine which has been covering for many years the most important political, economic and cultural events, the official visits of many distinguished foreign guests visiting the Republic of Korea, and also meeting and having exclusive interviews with more than 300 heads of state and other high ranking representatives, including the President of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Foreign Minister.
I believe that focusing on publishing articles and information on wide range of international relations the magazine "DIPLOMACY" will further put a meaningful contribution to the better understanding between the countries and nations. I would like to stress also importance of professional media in further development of active and comprehensive cooperation between Poland and the Republic of Korea.
Amb. Andrzej Derlatka
The Republic of Poland

"The Forefront of Improving And Developing the Bilateral Relations between Romania and S. Korea at Great Length"
The liberty of speech and the freedom of conscience stand as the core principles of each and very democratic society. And so do they stand nowadays for Romania and for the Republic of Korea. The DIPLOMACY magazine has consistently enforced this principle along all these years, thus contributing to the creation of new and solid bridges of communication and mutual understanding.
Through a commendable keenness to serve the higher aims of fostering better relations between nations and countries, the DIPLOMACY magazine has stood, in the recent years, at the forefront of improving and developing the bilateral relations between Romania and the Republic of Korea at great length. For the past, current and future achievements of the DIPLOMACY magazine, I convey hereby, on behalf of the Embassy of Romania in Seoul, and on that of my own, our heartfelt expression of distinguished gratitude, appreciation and respect.
Amb. Valeriu Arteni
The Republic of Romania

"Successful Magazine in Promoting Better Understanding About Its Readers Allowing a Rich Debate Among Different Opinions"
Thirty years of presence among diplomatic community members and other relevant personalities including leaders of economic and cultural organizations, it's a big achievement indeed! I think that DIPLOMACY has been successful in promoting better understanding about its readers allowing a rich debate among different opinions. I wish that DIPLOMACY continues its successful path!
Amb. Carlos Frota
The Portuguese Republic

"A Weighty Contribution to The Enhancement of Mutual Understanding, Peace and Friendship Between the Peoples"
DIPLOMACY magazine is well known in the Republic of Korea and abroad as a highly professional periodical, which aims at impartially informing its readers on the main events of international life. The attention paid by the magazine's editors to reflect different points of view on the world developments through the eyes of leaders, politicians and diplomats of various countries deserves special appreciation. In this regard I would like to point out fruitful cooperation of the magazine with the Embassy of Russia in Seoul.
I wish you and the staff of the DIPLOMACY magazine new success in their noble work, which is a weighty contribution to the enhancement of mutual understanding, peace and friendship between the peoples.
Amb. Gleb. A. Ivashentsov
The Russian Federation

"The Valuable and Most Helpful Source of Information for Better Understanding Of Korea And Its Foreign Policy"
DIPLOMACY magazine is on a regular basis offering timely coverage of key events and developments in Republic of Korea, its foreign policy and bilateral relations with other countries. Therefore DIPLOMACY and its highly professional coverage of diplomatic issues is valuable and a most helpful source of information for better understanding of Korea and its foreign policy activities.
Amb. Zoran Veljic
Serbia and Montenegro

"Has Done Much to Foreign Missions In Korea Through Promoting Mutual Goodwill and Friendship"
I am convinced that the DIPLOMACY magazine has contributed a lot to foreign relations by carrying the latest news of home and abroad and providing exclusive information in various fields. And I also would like to say that the magazine has done much to foreign missions in Korea through promoting mutual goodwill and friendship. Having no doubt that the relations between the Slovak Embassy and DIPLOMACY magazine will continue and develop in the spirit of friendship and mutual cooperation, I hope the magazine will keep flourishing.
Amb. Pavel Hrmo
The Slovak Republic

"To Be an Important Instrument To Further Strengthen the Warm Relations between Our Countries"
At this time of continued international conflict, your worthy ideals of understanding and goodwill among the different peoples of the world remain vital. South Africa values your efforts to actively promote relations between South Africa and South Korea and I trust that DIPLOMACY magazine will continue to be an important instrument to further strengthen the already warm relations between our countries. We are looking forward to enjoying your magazine for many years to come.
Amb. Stefanus J. Schoeman
The Republic of South Africa

"DIPLOMACY Plays an Important Role in This Era of Knowledge and Information Revolution"
I wish continued success to DIPLOMACY's endeavors, as a leading English magazine in Korea. In this era of knowledge and information revolution, DIPLOMACY is playing an important role, especially in the diplomatic circle, by providing diplomats with accurate and objective information on Korea. DIPLOMACY is also increasingly promoting understanding between Korea and the rest of the world.
Amb. Moncef Baati
The Republic of Tunisia

"To Promote Understanding and Friendship in Order to Contribute To World Peace"
DIPLOMACY magazine has given us informative news with photos as well as the details of all the interesting issues, events and incidents. More importantly, the primary purpose of the DIPLOMACY is to promote understanding and friendship between all the different peoples of the world in order to contribute to world peace.
Amb. Vasin Teeravechyan
The Royal Thai Embassy

"Contributed Very Much to The Promotion of the Int'l Cooperatio of Friendly Relations"
DIPLOMACY magazine contributed very much to the promotion of the international cooperation as well as to the development of friendly relations on the mutually beneficial basis between Ukraine and the Republic of Korea. Cooperation with such an influential partner as the Republic of Korea put a significant importance for Ukraine.
The friendly relations between our countries were marked by the visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea to Ukraine in October this year. Building on the momentum created by this visit together with the heightened interest among the Ukrainian people to the Republic of Korea as a result of various cultural elements. I strongly hope to further promotion our bilateral relationship and rise the level of our cooperation to such an extent that exists between Ukraine and the United States or the European Union.
Mr. Valerii Aleksandruk
Charge d'Affaires
The Republic of Ukraine

"A Solid Reputation as One of The Worldwide Magazines"
I am particularly pleased to note that DIPLOMACY magazine has already built up a solid reputation as one of the worldwide magazines and has continuously contributed toward the promotion of understanding and goodwill among the different people of the world for the world peace. I would like to extend my congratulations and admiration to you and your dedicated efforts and wish you and DIPLOMACY every success and prosperity.
Amb. Abdulla Almaainah
the United Arab Emirates

"Valuable Its Efforts to Help Promote Understanding and Goodwill Among Its International Readership"
DIPLOMACY plays an important role in facilitating the conduct of foreign relations in Korea. I value its efforts to help promote understanding and goodwill among its international readership. I wish you continued success and best wishes as you build on the many accomplishments of your 30-year history.
Amb. Alexander Vershbow
The United States of America

"A Korean Window to the World And Serving the Foreign Community Living in This Country"
DIPLOMACY has been through all these years a Korean window to the world and serving the foreign community living in this country. Every issue is a new occasion to know about politics, international relations and social life from the point of view of the world leaders who are interviewed.
Amb. Guillermo Quintero
The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

"Outstanding Contribution To Dev't and Strengthening of Mutual Understanding Among the Countries"
All these years your remarkable magazine covers various aspects of international relations within political, economic, social and cultural fields. Interesting articles, high professionalism of the journalists and all the magazine's employees traditionally cause keen interest and sincere respect of readers and a great prestige of DIPLOMACY magazine.
I believe that the magazine makes an outstanding contribution to development and strengthening of mutual understanding among the countries and peoples. I am convinced that the history of DIPLOMACY and continuation of it's best traditions will ensure a stable interest of the readers, successful development and prosperity of the magazine.
Amb. Vitali Fen
The Republic of Uzbekistan

"DIPLOMACY Has Become My Essential Food for Thought"
It is widely acknowledged that DIPLOMACY magazine is a well-known international monthly magazine in English in Korea. As the Ambassador of Vietnam to the Republic of Korea, I have been a frequent reader of DIPLOMACY and I have found out that the magazine has become my essential food for thought.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the prompt and accurate information on Vietnam and Vietnam-Korea relationship. By doing so, you have been actively assisting the development of the relationship of friendship and cooperation between our two countries.
Amb. Pham Tien Van
The Socialist Republic of Vietnam