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As the Bridge Between African and Arab Countries:
Due to its strategic location, Sudan is the heart of Africa and the bridge between African and Arab countries. Sudan is the largest country in Africa with significant human capital and vast natural resources, providing enormous development potential. Yet, the Civil War that raged for more than 20 years kept Sudan from taking large strides forward.
This report will briefly talk about the economic and political situation in Sudan after the settlement of the CPA (Comprehensive Peace Agreement) on Jan. 9, 2005, with a little background about the CPA. The CPA is a result of decades of con...
On Interests in Oil, Mineral and Agricultural Industries:
Question: Dr. Awad Ahmad Al-Jaz, Minister of Energy & Mining of Sudan, how do you foresee the relation between Korea and Sudan, especially in terms of the business field?
There is a long history of relations between the two countries. Many Korean products are here in Sudan. Many Koreans are involved in business with Sudan, but we feel the volume of involvement is not enough.
We need more involvement of Koreans here. The Chinese are actively involved in Sudan. They have been involved in the oil, electricity generation, and hydrothermal industries. We have many Asians involv...
Sudanese Vice President Taha's Welcoming Remarks:
Korea and Sudan are geographically far from each other.
I remember the time of my visit to Seoul in 1997 as the Sudanese foreign minister. During my stay in Seoul, I met the South Korean foreign minister and prime minister. We saw how the economic boom that boosted Korea to achieve its successful development. Now, its reflections and manifestations are with us here. We have it in different forms in industry, commerce, companies and all activities.
When South Korea was having struggles and fighting against Communism in the 1950s, Sudan was emerging from colonialism and achieving in...