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By Continuing Progress in Economic and Political Liberalization:
Question: Mr. Elmar Mammadyarov, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan, would you tell me the main purpose of your visit to Seoul?
My visit was aimed primarily at further promoting friendly ties between our two nations. Our attention was focused on developing existing political interaction, economic relations, including but not limited to the discussion of investment opportunities, as well as establishing and strengthening cooperation in cultural, humanitarian and other fields.

Q: Would you comment on the prospect of relations between Azerbaijan and South K...
The Purpose of Lao Speaker's Visit to Seoul:
Question: Mr. Samane Viyaket, Speaker of the National Assembly of Laos, what is the purpose of your visit as the leader of the Lao high-ranking delegation to the Republic of Korea?
The visit paid attention to the invitation of my Korean counterpart, Mr. Kim Won-ki, the Speaker of the Korean National Assembly, to enhance the cooperation and relations between our two countries and exchange experiences with the Republic of Korea, of its successful development, especially in the field of National Assembly.
On behalf of the government of Laos, I may express my sincere thanks fo...
The Best Way to Solve N. Korea's Humanitarian Problem:
Question: Mr. Robert Arsenault, president of International League for Human Rights (ILHR), what was the purpose of your visit here in Korea?
The purpose was to deliver a special lecture at Hanyang University on the occasion of the 40 years of leadership by Dr. Kim Hyun-joon of the Korean League, who also founded the university. Dr. Kim came to the United States in 1978 and we helped him with access at the General Assembly of the United Nations. He is remembered quite kindly by the people who worked in the league in those years.
The Korean League considered one of our affil...