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The Purpose of Lao Speaker's Visit to Seoul:
"To Enhance the Cooperation, Relations and Exchange Experience Of Korea's Quick Dev't," Speaker Viyaket
Question: Mr. Samane Viyaket, Speaker of the National Assembly of Laos, what is the purpose of your visit as the leader of the Lao high-ranking delegation to the Republic of Korea?
The visit paid attention to the invitation of my Korean counterpart, Mr. Kim Won-ki, the Speaker of the Korean National Assembly, to enhance the cooperation and relations between our two countries and exchange experiences with the Republic of Korea, of its successful development, especially in the field of National Assembly.
On behalf of the government of Laos, I may express my sincere thanks for the useful assistance from the Korean government to Laos.

Q: How do you evaluate the success of the relationship between the two countries?
The relationship between our two countries has rapidly been increased, especially after the visit made by President Roh Moo-hyun to Laos during the ASEAN+3 Summit Meeting in Vientiane in 2004. The current investment by Korean companies in Laos is ranked number seventh with successful result.
The assistance of the Korean government is covering several areas. The investment and grant aid, above mentioned, intensify the development of our country. As you might know, Laos has a potential in natural resources, but it is still lacking in human resources which needs technology in our country for development.
The participation of the Korean government in ASEAN+3 has presented the solid value of the nations in Asia. I strongly hope that the foresaid relations and cooperation will gradually be improved in the future. I only saw Korea in pictures, but this moment, I have touched it by my sight with its beauty and rich history. On behalf of the Lao delegation, I am impressed by the atmosphere of warm welcoming by Korean people and am thankful to the good relation between our two countries as well as between our two National Assembly bodies.

Q: How would you value the Korean development?
Korea was damaged by the war, but it has through great leadership, struggled and developed the country. Through not a long period it has become this developed country in the world. There is similarity with the Lao situation. Laos was also damaged by the war; therefore, our visit's aim is to exchange the experience of Korea's quick development, hitechnology and other talent advantages.
The Republic of Korea is one of the most developed countries in Asia and Laos should draw from the ways of your development.

Q: What made you take part in the political side?
I was born in a poor family and oppressed by the old administration. When the patriotic group arrived in my village, I then voluntarily participated in the revolution process which I myself started from 1945. Laos was occupied by foreign invasions and completely ruined. I participated in Plain of Jars - Xiengkhuang front; it was absolutely destroyed, which encouraged and made me decide for fighting toward my country's independence.
Nowadays, my country Laos has complete independence, peace and democracy without different parties for leading the country out of the poverty by the year 2020 and toward prosperity. All the above mentioned made me sacrifice my energy for its development.

Q: What is the current situation of the social system and politics in Laos?
Since the establishment of the Lao People's Democratic Republic on Dec. 2, 1975, our country has stayed in good stabilization and a peaceful situation which has been the evident condition for foreign investment in Laos. I do strongly hope that the investment by Korean companies in Laos will be increased gradually.
Until now, the GDP per capita is only US$480. Laos is led by the great leadership team and other potentialities, I hope that my country will be able to develop as fast as possible. That is why I sacrifice myself for that leadership team.

Q: Would you plan to run for the next President Election?
I am 78 and my health does not allow me to do so. I will recommend the young generation to take part for that position.