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The Korean Diasporic Literature:
The following are excerpts from a paper, "Korean Diasporic Literature," lectured by Prof. Hong Ki-sam, President of Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea, at the Yenching Institute at Harvard University on Dec. 8, 2005. - Ed.

Korean literature has a long history. For the oldest Korean literature, we can trace back to 2,000 years ago in accordance with confirmation with written records. Of course, Chinese characters were borrowed to express Korean sentiments at that time, and the aboriginal Korean alphabets were not created.
Since the 15th Century, when the Korean alphabet wa...
The Grand Goals of Korean Foreign Policy How to Achieve Them
In crafting foreign policy in general, there are several factors such as national character, nationalism, social attributes, ideology, and particular belief systems in any country. These factors greatly vary according to each country including geo-strategy as its initial national foundation. Geo-strategy is a natural and permanent factor for foreign policy of each state.
In this regard, the writer intends to briefly describe Korean foreign policy in an effort to study how to achieve or pursue its grand goals in the 21st Century.
The Korean Peninsula has long been a continental and...